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Become a Verified eCo-Seller

Building Trust and Security One Sale @ a time!

Become a Verified User on www.eCobay.co.za for a once off R100.00 (non-refundable) registration fee. 

eCobay will submit your details for an Identity check, Credit check and a Fraud check. Approval is at eCobay's discretion, based on the outcome of the checks. The process can take up to 21 days.

Verified Users Get the Following Benefits:

  1. Eligibility to receive payments using eCo-Bank Credit Card (entirely at your discretion).
  2. An icon Description: Verified User next to your rating indicating that you are a Verified User (This will increase your reputability significantly and subsequently the number of sales on your items).
  3. Increased peace of mind for Buyers on your items through the eCobay system.
  4. Eligibility to become a Store on eCobay.


To Become a Verified eCo-Seller You Must:

  1. Have a valid South African Identity document.
  2. Complete the eCobay Verified eCo-Seller Registration Form 
  3. Complete the indemnity form and print and fax or scan and email it to us (details below).
  4. Send eCobay a copy of the front page of your South African ID book by fax or email (as below).


                Fax: 086 274 4728 or Email eCommunity@eCobay.co.za 

  1. Agree to the Verified User Agreement.


Apply Now


Note: eCobay has outsourced the verification of Identification Documents, Credit Checks and Criminal Checks to LexisNexis Risk Management (I-Digital).


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