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eCo Affiliate Help

1. Register for the eCo Affiliate Program or if you have already,  Sign In.
2. There will be a screening process that will help the eCobay Team and you (the eCo Affiliate) to come to terms with eCommissions and payment dates etc.
3. You will receive a tracking code which is used to associate a product to your referral -  there are tools mentioned in the Affiliate category that will help with linking this tracking code to your website. Should you not have a website, we will be glad to offer you a unique, customised option, or you could just choose one of our package deals with hosting options. Either way, you could be up and running and promoting your own business in no time! Visit www.in-a-flash.co.za--------- for a quote.
4. In the eCo Affiliate account section you have the ability to change your password and view transaction history to keep track of your  referrals (sales)
5. Remember you have one tracking number to be used for each and every product you advertise or decide to refer.

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