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eCo-Greens must surely be one of the planets most nutritious and healthiest food sources! Our eCo-GREENS are chemical free, organic by nature, and pack a power punch of nutrients, vitamins and minerals often not found in processed and modern day foods.

eCo-Greens have bean designed to offer people the opportunity to eat healthy, nutrient dense food available 24/7/365 at affordable prices. As an example, one shot glass of  Wheat grass - one of our biggest sellers - is equivelant to 40 standard portions of vegetables in terms of vitamin and mineral content, making it a favourite for those wanting to enhance or maintain their state of health.    

         eCo-Green Kits ~ our inhouse produced eCo-Gro Trays, selected seeds and pods and well presented instructions all    packaged in a perfect gift pack are fun for the whole family or serious grower wanting to produce eConsistantly high quality eCo-Greens throughout the year. 


        eCo-Greens are also available 24/7/365 across the country at most Pick n Pay Stores - just ask!


Our amazing range of eCo-Greens is forever growing....

We currently have the following available as fresh supply or in kit form for home production:

                   * Wheatgrass                    *  Mustard                   *  Radish                        *  Rocket                          *  Peas - yellow

                          *  Peas - green             *  Pak Choy                 *  Red cabbage            *  Coriander                     *  Beetroot

                                 *  Garden Cress      *  Basil                          *  Mizuna                        *  Red shiso                     *  Leeks

                                     *  Fennel                   *  Fenugreek               *  Sunflower                  *  Alfalfa                             *  Carrot

                                        *  Chervil                   *  Spinach                    *  Sorrel                        *  Swiss Chard                 *  Rainbow chard

                                            *  Celery                    *  Tatsoi                       *  Watercress              *  Wild rocket

This is by no means an exhaustive list as we are eConstantly developing new mixes, blends and exciting flavours to eCompliment any salad, meal or snack.




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Baby Peas
Ex Tax: R12.50
A very attractive eCo-Green with light green leaves. It taste like spicy mustard with a..
Ex Tax: R12.50
Oriental Cabbage
Wonderful Cabbagey flavor! Add to salads, soups and stews.   ..
Ex Tax: R12.50
Amazing green leaved eCo-Green with a flavourful taste similar to horse-radish Very hig..
Ex Tax: R12.50
Rocket syn. Arugula is a mildly spicy, delicious, easy-to-grow eCo-green. Highly nutrit..
Ex Tax: R12.50
Wheat Grass
Ex Tax: R12.50
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