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eCobay is more than just another online Buying & Selling Hub. eCobay is an online lifestyle eCommunity that embraces     people, their families and communities and makes a difference – in real life! eCobay was developed to, specifically and with absolute purpose, tackle among others, the issues facing our planet of Global warming and eConomic Empowerment (job creation).

The facts are staggering - the days are hotter - the rains are heavier and the planet is groaning.  There are scientific facts, spiritual realities and realities stranger than fiction!  We are living at a time of instant global communication, instant awareness and instant gratification.  In our strive towards these things humanity is very quickly wrecking the very place it expects to receive this from – our planet!  Industrialization, globalization, one world currencies, governments and religions are moulding the planet as you read this at an unprecedented rate.  Time to stop what Scientists, philosophers and sceptics are warning us about is nearly over – Time for radical change is NOW!

eCobay recognizes the need for radical change – in our homes, at work and at play.  Change to secure a safer and healthier environment so that future generations inherit a planet that allows them to dream dreams and see them fulfilled.  Embracing change is a challenge for all of us and often the road to radical change takes a circuitous path to acceptance.  It is time for a new type of individual, the world over, to arise and make a stand for our planet - the only ONE we have! We call this individual an eCopreneur! Nothing more than a desire to make a difference will turn you into an eCopreneur!  A willing heart and a determined spirit can make the change – can be the change!

Don't delay - take eCo-action today! visit www.ecobay.co.za or www.hydroganiclibrary.com to have some fun or do some shopping.

eConcepts - ideas that result in positive ECOLOGICAL ACTION


To create alternative solutions, at all levels (home, work and play), mechanisms that are   quick and easy toecologic gold action are needed.  eCobay is committed to providing products, services, solutions, information, challenges, ideas and interaction in a format that is fun, engaging and truly meaningful.  eCobay gives eCopreneurs an opportunity to share their ideas and innovations, get involved in their communities, to grow as individuals (either through eCo-education or by eConomic empowerment i.e. selling their certified “eCo-Friendly” goods), to learn, to participate and to be the change!

To meet the local eConsumers “green product” needs, now and in the future is our first goal. It has evolved over time, based on an eCore set of principals (www.threepeas.co.za).  Our dynamic team strive to create, develop, produce or make available an on-growing flow (www.hydroganiclibrary.com) of certifiable / verifiable, eCo-friendly products that meet your personal needs - after they have met ours!

We only trade new "Buy Now" goods (as opposed to used or second hand goods) that are either produced using tracable G.M.P (Good Manufacturing Principles)  that can be proven not to detract from the environment or at best products that have replaced conventional, harmful, chemical based products with new , eCool technologies and recyclable, sometimes, innovative and eCo-friendly raw materials.

Buyers are able to safely shop online through the secured eCo-BANK & PayFast trading platform which supports several of the largest banks (Nedbank, Absa, Standard & FNB) with various payment options for a broad range of eco-friendly products that have passed through a simple, yet Verifiable process to qualify as suppliers (eCo-Sellers).

Verified eCo-Sellers are able to market their pre-qualified goods or services direct to Buyers to reduce eCosts, support the eConcept of Unity in eCommunity and Think Global - Trade Local (thereby reducing their carbon footprint) in support of a cleaner, greener, healthier environment.

The Power of One - oNe eCo

One drop of water, two drops, and three... Joined they start a river.  One person, two, and three... Joined they start a flood.  The underestimated power of one... One person, one idea, one moment, one decision – can change everything! One eCopreneur is all a home, business, community, country needs to make the change.

In true eCopreneurial spirit everyone is welcome!  Other online trading platforms are exclusive and limiting. eCobay encourages the eCopreneur with one “new” product and provides the space and mechanisms for that product to grow and get  the exposure required to ensure sustainability. 

Different Strokes for Different Folks

For businesses the options are truly exciting – if you have “green” eCo-friendly products we want you on board!  We strive to be an all-encompassing trading platform that is recognized for the eCo-value and service excellence your customers will receive!  Building an online presence for eCompanies under “one roof” will allow the eCo-Industry to have the kind of impact it is currently lacking. 

The spirit behind meaningful change requires a work ethic that is genuine in its presentation and prosecution.  As eCopreneurs the real challenge we face is coming together for the good of our Earth. eCobay has created a structure that is flexible, encourages growth and allows buyers and sellers to get involved in the eComfort of their homes.

Unity in eCommunity

Unity in eCommunity is a eConcept that will test the true impact we are having and will give us measurable results.  If we are not achieving our goals, fulfilling our mission statement and keeping focused on the long term vision, then we will be no better or different to what is already out there!  Creating an eCommunity that is a force to be reckoned with, online and in reality, will give us the credibility to take this eConcept to the ends of the Earth and see it at work!  Unity as eCopreneurs, across our global eCommunity, will create a movement that will grow from strength to strength, again to the benefit of society at all levels.

Programs to stimulate, motivate,  educate, eConsolidate and create form the eCornerstone to our success.  With our eyes on a greater objective than just creating an online store like any eCother, we will and must see the fruits of our efforts. 

So pack your bags, jump onboard and get ready for the adventure that will change the quality of your life and time...

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